Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Paulo Coelho

Knowing your story, understanding how you have imagined your wedding day and comprehending your needs and expectations, all these make sense for us. This is how we begin to plan your day in order to turn it into a unique and truly special event.

Planning and organizing one’s wedding day may be rather complicated due to the various steps involved and to the many decisions that need to be taken. Knowing how to filter the information, the random bouts of inspiration and opinions that will come to you from all over and learning to prioritise tasks may seem quite a challenge.

We put our hearts and our minds into everything we do, and perhaps that is why remembering you, recalling each day, each couple, each challenge, fills us with longing.

We are part of your day without being so. We are the good listener, the confidant, the one who advises, takes risks and innovates with you.

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